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Blues Meets Girl (BMG) is the powerful duo of British Blues veteran Mr. Downchild and American singer/song writer Kasimira Vogel. The collaboration is smokin’, sexy, and laced with undeniably infectious chemistry. Their music is primarily blues or blues-influenced, but you will also hear threads of primitive rock, jazz and folk. This music will get you up, moving and feeling great!

Mr. Downchild is a London born international blues icon whose authentic vocals, harmonica and guitar were recognized by the legendary Robert Lockwood Jr.  The star guitarist served as his mentor and appeared on the first Mr. Downchild album. Mr. D had toured 25 states and produced 6 CDs

Kasimira, is a Texas born singer songwriter who sharpened her skills as lead singer of several bands including Network out of Worcester, Ma and The Pale Daisies. Kasimira has 2 CDs under her belt and has toured 6 states.

Blues Meets Girl has finished recording their first CD together and are available as a duo or with a band.

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The word on the street is...

  • Sam Carr
    He don't need a band! He is a band!
  • ``Lazy`` Lester
    Girl, you got some pipes! Keep doing that!
  • Robert Lockwood Jr.
    Son I knew you was good but… I didn't know you was THAT GOOD!
  • Pinetop Perkins
    I want you to play Guitar with me tonight. You play the hell out of that slide.
  • Hubert Sumlin
    You got it man. You play the Blues with soul man, like it's supposed to be played.
  • Mark Nelson, The Groove
    I like that this is the bands work from start to finish... Blues fans of all types will find something here to please their ears. Check this one out, and look for them live if you can.
  • Charles Worthington
    When I first heard her I thought it was Big Mama Thorton singing Hound Dog! I stayed to hear more. That Kasimira, man, she’s like Big Mama, Etta James and Bonnie Rait all rolled up into one, Damn! And Mr. Dowchild, the two of you together is a damn delight!
  • Sheryl and Don Crow
    Blues Meets Girl is an outstanding collaboration featuring two of the finest voices in contemporary blues. When you listen to this set, you might get the feeling that Robert Johnson cozied up to Memphis Minnie or Ma Rainey, and these songs were what they created!
  • The Rock Doctor (John Kereiff)
    Blues Meets Girl is a fusion of their influences and experiences that result in down home, smokin’ hot, sexy blues you can use... the disc has the sound and feel of a classic blues album; rough around the edges in the right ways, vivid lyrics that tell some great stories, and some pretty righteous musicianship that just feels… right!
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